BeverlyGold - beverlygold

User. BeverlyGold
Name. beverlygold
Age. 26
Sexual Preference. Bisexual
Height. 5'0" - 5'4"
Weight. 115-130lbs
Breast Size. Normal
Hair Color. Blonde
Hair Length. Shoulder length
Eye Color. Brown
Build. Athletic
Ethnicity. White
Gender. female

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You are just sooo exceptional in your body and soul, what humour and funny ways....but wow, u got me off soooo good, twice! Can't wait to play with u again. xoxxooxoxox
I have gone private with many girls here and she is absolutely the best I've been with and now have gone private 6 or 7 times with her and by far she is my favorite. Beautiful, sexy, sexy voice an amazing body and will do any thing to please. Treat her with respect as she deserves the very best from us.
Amazing and Fantastic dont get close to describing her ... Beautiful for sure but truely a sensual and passionate woman. Mind blown.
Thank you for a candid and interesting conversation. i really appreciated your intelligence and honesty. I will not even comment on your beauty because everybody can see that aleady. Hope to talk to you again very soon.
Hey Goldy! .. I come back at you of course, i know i was telling you in the past u have great personality and u are a cool girl for me, but I think I forget to say you how much excite I am about yours mobility and elasticity. I hope i can receive something great and now from that gorgeous ass with your character?
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