EstelleAngel - Estelle

User. EstelleAngel
Name. Estelle
Age. 19
Sexual Preference. Bisexual
Height. 5'10" - 6'2"
Weight. 115-130lbs
Breast Size. Normal
Hair Color. Blonde
Hair Length. Long
Eye Color. Brown
Build. Petite
Ethnicity. White
Gender. female

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Hi, I hope to see U soon, because U impressed me.Sorry if I haven't shown it enough.Take care
thanks verry much hun! A lot of kisses for youu!
Good night... take care about you :*Thnak you very much for the wonderful time we had also today. You are really a precious girl a little jewel :*Ciao___ 88888__88888___88____88____88___88____88____88____88________88______88____88________8888_________88___________88888__88888__________88____88____88__________88____88____88___________88________88_____________88____88_______________8888________________88_________________88888__88888________________88____88____88________________88____88____88_________________88________88___________________88____88_____________________8888______________________88_______________________88888__88888______________________88____88____88______________________88____88____88_______________________88________88_________________________88____88___________________________8888____________________________88_________________88888__88888________________88____88____88________________88____88____88_________________88________88___________________88____88_____________________8888______________________88
Believe me when I'm saying I'm a true expert of causing pleasure to people. I am glad if I can learn new tricks, though. Got anything up Your sleeves ?
We were amazed by the fantasies that this girl came out with. OMG
Great woman, I recommend