LauraDomme - lauradomme

User. LauraDomme
Name. lauradomme
Age. 27
Sexual Preference. Bisexual
Height. 5'5" - 5'9"
Weight. 100-115lbs
Breast Size. Tiny
Hair Color. Brown
Hair Length. Long
Eye Color. Green
Build. Petite
Ethnicity. White
Gender. female

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Magnetic beauty, superior class!
yur nasty when ur dancing ur ugly butt off ur not going make $$ in pvt doing that the first time I went into pvt wish u was very disappoint and the bad part u kept doing wasting my time with ur nasty ass im sorry im not trying be rude im bum because I adore you as a mistress so much I was going open about being very submissive for u and how if u didn't mind could we stay in pvt for about a hour or so maybe even longer if u got very submissive it would been 180 dollars for u and a tip so I have my own business for 15 years please tell mot mad comment on this keep in touch u can used me in pvt or in life and I will do anything to help you support you spoiled u as long as u need or want me to be I mean that [$$money$$]ok please don't be mad at me I really adore you so much when I get down writing ii give a surprise i love u as mistress vey much can I tell u a secret I have a crush on u big time ok lol u can reach me at [619]581-0139] my cell or on here I have profile on here so u can look at that and back or whatever or my email is my nick name on here is jw1sd10 [jim] im feeling very submissive right can give u some money when u want like .1000 thousand dollars next months to help please but I wont be able tit everymonth maybe every three months if u want or need ty u god blees
i adore you mistress proud to be your slut,kiss
omething is not woarking...
ive lost some many moneys cause peeps microphones dont work,,,,, like 50 credits.... gee
sexy mistress
Hello slaves!I will be off until 22 Feb.Show me how good slave you are and meet Me on 23 Feb !Be nice and worship My Newest Photos until then ;)Love,Your Goddess
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