NastyTwoCPL4U - Tyson

User. NastyTwoCPL4U
Name. Tyson
Age. 21
Sexual Preference. Bisexual
Height. 5'10" - 6'2"
Weight. 145-160lbs
Breast Size.
Hair Color. Brown
Hair Length. Short
Eye Color. Brown
Build. Athletic
Ethnicity. White
Gender. male

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So bad, seems they have there own rules. ask for something and there is a high chance that they would go we don't do this in this situation but would do it in another one. would be good if they upload their manual so we know what to ask for
We were left speachless by the things that this lady came out with Wow
Wonderful lady, I would recommend
Great girl, I can recommend
Wonderful lady, I can make a recommendation