PrincessYazmin - PrincessYazmin

User. PrincessYazmin
Name. PrincessYazmin
Age. 22
Sexual Preference. straight
Height. 5'0" - 5'4"
Weight. 130-145lbs
Breast Size. Big
Hair Color. Black
Hair Length. Shoulder length
Eye Color. Brown
Build. Above average
Ethnicity. White
Gender. female

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Seventieth nightIt has been a day since she returned. She is thinking of how well she has been treated the night before. How the girl's tongue caressed her clit and swollen lips. How she penetrated her with her tongue... The princes starts reaching between her legs, running her finger down, through her dress. But it's not good enough, she needs more. "Miriam! Miriam! Come here and bring me a cucumber!" she demands. "Where is that girl?" It's the first time she has ever called her by her name. Is it just a coincidence or is it something more?
Sixty ninth nightShe stands still while the girl kisses her feet. Daring thoughts start coming to her mind. She bends down and, grabbing the girl's chin in her hand, she lifts her gaze up to her's, then then turns to the tent. The princess enters, followed by her servant. She sits on the pillows, legs wide spread, and slowly lifts her dress. The girl approaches, less reluctantly this time, and kneels between the princess' legs.
Sixty eighth nightThat hill looks familiar to the princess? She runs tirelessly toward it and sees the oasis and her tent. She reaches the tent and her servant girl awaits her there. She sees the princess and falls to her feet, immediately starting to kiss them. “My mistress! Insha Allah! you have come back.”She doesn’t reply because the girl’s kisses make her heart pound. “Come mistress, I will wash you and serve your meal.”
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