SuzannaStar - SuzannaStar

User. SuzannaStar
Name. SuzannaStar
Age. 25
Sexual Preference. Straight
Height. 5'10" - 6'2"
Weight. 100-115lbs
Breast Size. Normal
Hair Color. Blonde
Hair Length. Shoulder length
Eye Color. Brown
Build. Petite
Ethnicity. N/A
Gender. N/A

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You are more beautiul than generous and surely can look younger than 25. Will you want that I visit you again ?
My screen froze as I was kissing you and at that moment I felt you were mine for a sec. and it felt so good to have you close to me in a clinch that isa indescribably beautiful sensuous and true. UR really so natural, so sweet, so genuine and so incredibly forthright honest and natural like no one I have ever seen. I put u on the highest pedestal because you belong there and I will worship you constantly. Ur more beautiful than words can ever express.
After writing on ur wal, I sent u a letter pouring out my affection for you and for what you did to make me feel to good inside.I hope you will come back soon so that I may drool all over you and ;lick and kiss and slob over the most delicious parts of a vody I have ever seen nd then I wan to top it off with love for your personality, your affection aND the wonderful classy presence aND EXCITEMent WHICH COMES NATURA;L TO YOU FROM YOUR SMILE AND YOUR SPONTENMEITY and u indescribably beauty. I am totally smitten by u and can't think of anyone else but you, who just came into my life.
Once in a lifetime a girl appears who is so sweet, so sensuous, so sexy, so pretty, so well built, so delectable, so tasty that one is blown away by all these incredible assets. Susanna has them all and I just scratched the surface of all she has to offer. I look forward to delving deeper and getting all of her beauty and her wonderful personage. UR not good for me. Ur amazing and words to dot do justice to what I have experienced just now .
wow...soo perfect!!!
Love this girl, and everything about her xxxx
You are so sexy :-0
We enjoy flirting with you >;-)